The "SmartClamp" Smart phone  Car/Bicycle Holder is Brilliant!

Technology advancements happen nearly everyday. Someone somewhere is also looking to improve on preexisting technology or invent something totally new and off the charts. Sometimes simplicity is more effective than anything else.

I personally love this new item called the SmartClamp. Its so effective, simple and easy to use, its brilliant! I've had other car mount holders for my cell phone but there al a fail! Whether its a sticky pad, a magnet, or an ac clip, they all fail and even worse they are located off to the side, nearly out of reach and out of sight.

But not just for cars, Smartclamp can be used while riding a bicycle and is real handy in that area. I use to stick my iPhone in my pocket when riding around listening to music with the headphones on. Great for the boat too. Or even clamp it to a Beach umbrella pole, keeping your phone off the sand.

The SmartClamp can be  purchased here. One for yourself or for someone else. direct link: