Titanium Dioxide Roofs Could Fight Air Pollution

A new study shows roofing tiles made with Titanium Dioxide's can fight air pollution.

Titanium Dioxide's is exposed to ultraviolet light, TiO2 accelerates many chemical reactions including the oxidation of smog producing nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds. 

Students at the University of California, Riverside set out to test how roof tiles coated with TiO2 affect nitrogen oxides in a chamber. They found that a thick coating could remove 97% of the target gasses. However, another tile, with just one twelfth the catalyst, removed 88%, suggesting a much more cost effective option. They estimate just $5 will cover the cost of coating for a typical new roof.

The students  have calculated that an average sized American home roof could, with the thinner coating, remove 21 grams of nitrogen oxide a day. This is equivalent to the amount of pollution a car releases in a year. 



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