Beer That Wont Give You A Hangover

Headaches, body pain, and upset stomachs gone! Alcohol can dehydrate us is why we feel the way we do (crappy), after a night of drinking, the morning after.

We would all love to be able to drink and wake up feeling just as good as we did  the night before. Thanks to a group of Australian researchers, it is now possible with a "hangover -free beer".

Scientists at Griffith University’s Health Institute added electrolytes (Electrolytes affect the amount of water in your body) to two different commercial beers. They then gave the beverages to volunteers that had just completed a work out.

Research and experiments show that light beer laced with electrolytes was found to be three times more hydrating than normal beer. Researchers  advise that drinking alcohol after exercise is something that probably shouldn't be done because it can have a lot of terrible effects, such as decreased risk awareness. 

“We know that beer is a very popular drink with people, particularly after sport or exertion,” scientist Ben Desbrow told ABC News. “From our perspective it’s about exploring harm minimization approaches that may still allow people to potentially drink beer as a beverage, but lower the risks associated with the alcohol consumption—and hopefully improve re-hydration potential.”