Origins Of Mysterious World Trade Center Ship Determined

A wooden ship was found beneath the wreckage of the World Trade Center while workers were digging out the foundation to make wave for the new 9-11 memorial park. Workers found a 9.75m long oaken partial hull 7m below what is now street level. This ship was built before or during, the American War of Independence. 

Hickory wood indicates the ship was most likely of North American origin, but the age and place of construction were initially a mystery.

Researchers from Columbia University used the tree rings to determine age and other pertinent information. 

“Our results showed the highest agreement between the WTC ship chronology and two chronologies from Philadelphia and eastern Pennsylvania,” the paper reports. The last rings indicate the ship was built from trees felled in 1773, confirming previous theories.

"Philadelphia was one of the most — if not the most — important shipbuilding cities in the U.S. at the time. And they had plenty of wood so it made lots of sense that the wood could come from there,” Martin-Benito told Livescience.