4 Plants That Naturally Remove Toxins 
and Purify The Air indoors

Plants are purify the air naturally, and some do a much better job then  others filtering the air inside your home. Did you know plants can also remove toxins? 
1) Aloe -  Absorbs benzene, formaldehyde and 
carbon monoxide. The gel from aloe vera has 
been found to multiply the oxygen transportation and diffusion capabilities of red blood cells. Because it contains several mineral ions which aid the body in fluid transport and regulation, consumption of Aloe Vera juice helps to eliminate toxins more efficiently through your skin via sweat.
2)Spider plant (ChlorophytumComosum) - Spider plants are easy houseplants to grow, a great choice for beginners or forgetful owners. They perform well under minimal light. One plant is enough to clean the air in up to 200 square meters. It removes formaldehyde and xylene. This plant is known as a micro-particle filter and has been used in space labs for air purification. This plant is easy to propagate. 
3) Bamboo Palm (Chamaedorea Seifritzii) - The superstar for filtering formaldehyde, these palms love full sun or bright light. They can grow to be pretty big--as tall as four to 12 feet high, making them exciting (and pet-friendly) indoor additions.

4) Boston Fern
(Nephrolepis Exaltata) - These plants prefer a cool location with high humidity and indirect light, and are relatively easy to grow, but they do need to stay moist. Check daily to see if it needs water, and give it a good soak once per month. It remove formaldehyde and xylene.



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